Welding processes

Besides its certifications, Gometegui is probably one of the leading experts in the world in welding processes for the manufacture of capital goods. The experience of our staff and the in-depth knowledge we have acquired about the behaviour of materials and the problems that might arise when making these operate under the most extreme conditions, allow us to take on the manufacture of virtually any part or assembly with the maximum reliability.

The department has an extensive catalogue of welding processes in accordance with national and international standards, including EN and ASME. We use all the materials and processes on the market in any thickness.

Gometegui has developed special techniques by combining MIG and MAG with the latest technologies to improve quality and productivity.




Submerged arc weldingESAB - SWEDENUp to 1250 ASAW
Submerged arc weldingLINCOLNUp to 1500 A
Up to 1200 A
Gas metal arc weldingKEMPPI- FINLANDUp to 500 AGMAW
Gas metal arc weldingMILLERUp to 500 AGMAW
Gas tungsten arc weldingESABUp to 300 AGTAW
Gas tungsten arc weldingSAINDUp to 300 AGTAW
Shielded metal arc weldingKEMPPI- FINLANDUp to 300 ASMAW
Shielded metal arc weldingSEOUp to 300 ASMAW

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