Code of conduct

What we at Gometegui understand by ethics

We define ethics as the belief and individual/collective practice of principles such as trust, honesty, honour, professionalism, responsibility, etc., in order to comply with our CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. That social responsibility involves a form of behaviour on the part of GOMETEGUI that attends to the needs and expectations of all interest groups that the company deals with in accordance with ethical criteria: people, clients, suppliers and society.

The Ethics concept is a basic tool for the competitiveness, profitability and future development of GOMETEGUI, based on the creation and application of an ethical System of Excellence as an overall management model to achieve its Strategic Objectives and in accordance with the Policy of the System.

The Management Team accepts that it is our duty to provide leadership in the implementation of an ethical conduct that favours the exercise of our corporate social responsibility, to ensure compliance with an obligation that affects everyone who works in GOMETEGUI, in accordance with current legislation and by humanising our relationship with all interest groups.

In accordance with these principles, we accept the responsibility of creating, implementing and maintaining at all levels in GOMETEGUI a culture and practice of Ethical Management, and declare publicly the following commitments:

    • to be faithful to the “Ethical principles of social corporate responsibility”
    • convey and ensure an understanding of the Policy of Ethical Management; control the ethical compliance of strategic objectives
    • ensure the availability of the necessary resources for the ethical operation of the Excellence System
    • work on the continuous improvement of the Excellence System and its results
    • review the Excellence System periodically to ensure its continuous adaptation.


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