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GOMETEGUI is a centre of excellence in the manufacture of large-size machine welded components and assemblies.

The company’s activities in the capital goods sector entail the development of highly complex components due to their large size, details and design and spans the initial project stage, manufacturing, machining and final assembly.

Key factors to our success:

  • Development of our own process and product know-how.
  • Successful industrial model.
  • Internationalisation: Commercial presence on the five continents.
  • Strengthening of our manufacturing capacities (machining of large volume parts). Capacity to create HIGH ADDED VALUE.
  • Favourable location: Our company is located on the European Atlantic axis with excellent communications (road, sea, air).
  • Strategic alliances.


The corporate culture of GOMETEGUI can be seen in the following points:



Manufacture of large mechanically-welded components in carbon steel and alloys for the capital goods sector.

We seek to satisfy the most complex technological requirements in manufacturing processes.


To position ourselves as an excellent manufacturer in the sector. Our strategic aims are as follows:

  • To obtain Total Quality with a Culture of Excellence as a mark of our own identity.
  • Develop technologies and know-how about the processes used in manufacture and the functionality of the equipment to be built.
  • Growth in order to reach a higher specific weight in the sector.
  • Positioning as the technological manufacturing partner of our clients.
  • Increase in internationalisation.
  • Service.
  • Desire to improve.
  • Commitment, reliability.
  • Dedication to our clients’ success.
  • The value of experience.

Of these values, the most important one is service. We are determined to serve in two ways: a) be capable of responding in a satisfactory, competitive and efficient manner to the needs of our clients; and b) to develop a vocation and culture of service for different interest groups (customer orientation, our staff, society and the environment).




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