How to find us

GOMETEGUI’s main facility is located in Laudio-Llodio, only 30 km from the port and airport of Bilbao, the economic, cultural and industrial capital of the Basque Country.

This area has a long industrial tradition and culture and in its own right has formed part of the European Atlantic Axis since the end of the 19th century. It has excellent communications both by sea, air, road and motorway.

Our contact data is as follows:

Talleres Gometegui S.L.
Katuxa Ibarra 7
T.(+34) 94 672 85 05
F.(+34) 94 672 86 35
Coordenadas GPS: 43.132513,-2.972252

How to find us:

In order to find Gometegui with Google technology, click on the link “How to get here” on the map at the top of this page. In the window, write the departure point in field A, on the left-hand column and click on the “How to get here” button. GoogleMaps will generate a detailed map of the route with all the necessary indications to arrive at our door by car or in public transport.


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