Human Resources

Gometegui’s Human Resources Policy

At Gometegui we are aware that our main assets are know-how and experience. And both attributes lie in people.

In accordance with our Integrated policy, the Human Resources policy of Gometegui is oriented towards the following goals:

  • to obtain a highly qualified and motivated workforce
  • with initiative
  • identified with the business project
  • focused on our customer service

For those of us who work at Gometegui, the company is a place that both permits and strengthens our ethical, professional and personal development. The company is therefore responsible for ensuring that people are given recognition for the value they contribute, as well as for generating programmes of training and continuous improvement that promote people’s growth.

If you believe that due to your training and experience you could join Gometegui’s staff, please visit our Employment section and send us an application. We will be pleased to give you our appraisal.

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