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Sarriena Group

Sarriena Group

GOMETEGUI forms an integral part of the SARRIENA GROUP since its acquisition by the latter in 2004.

SARRIENA GROUP is a company engaged in the study, promotion, development, participation and management of industrial companies or services.

Its aim is to form a business group that allows the incorporation of advanced services for the development of know-how, improvements in efficiency and internationalisation, allowing member companies to become leaders in their sectors.

Sarriena Group is currently formed by the following companies:



Manufacture of large mechanically-welded components in carbon steel and alloys for the capital goods sector.

Gometegui aims to satisfy the most complex technological requirements in manufacturing processes.

VB Steel Tech
VB Steel Tech

Engineering services focused on capital goods for the steel industry.

  • Design of equipment and production lines
  • Renovation of existing equipment
  • Design studies
  • Finite element analysis
  • 3D design
  • Reverse engineering

Cooling technology, manufacture of motor compressor equipment, compact cooling units and auxillary elements for installations.



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