Industrial sectors

Presa energia hidroeléctrica

Hydraulic power

In recent years, Gometegui has concentrated on offering high-quality solutions in response to the needs of the hydraulic power sector. Our company manufactures components for generators (stators, hubs, spiders, axles, etc.) and turbines (impellers, valves, sleeves, distributors, predistributors, etc.). The international market has responded very positively to this strategic proposal and has become the main client of our company.

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Molino eólico


Wind Power

The wind power generation sector is on the rise, and is expected to grow to a great extent throughout the world. A significant part of Gometegui’s order book consists of components for wind turbines and offshore facilities. Its components include rotors, towers, parts and models.

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Colada de acero

Steel industry

Steel is one of the sectors in which Gometegui has great experience and in which our company is capable of manufacturing virtually every component used in a steel mill, in accordance with the highest standards and most demanding requirements in every case. These include furnaces, ladles, ladle turrets, roller beds, rollers, rolling stands, continuous casting units, and so on.

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Tunnel-boring machines

The manufacture of tunnel-boring machines or TBM requires very specific knowledge of the behaviour of materials and welding techniques. Gometegui has taken part in the manufacture of a large number of this type of equipment.

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 Stern Roller fabricado por Gometegui para Rolls Royce

Naval Industry

In the naval sector, Gometegui has specialised in the manufacture of special parts with high technical requirements in welding and machining due to the extreme weather conditions these must withstand. Some of the most important products include Stem Rollers and thrust bushings.

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Aeronautics industry

At Gometegui we have undertaken on many occasions the manufacture of tooling for the assembly of a range of different aircraft parts, as well as turbine test beds.

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