Integrated policy

At GOMETEGUI we define Excellence as:

The ethical performance of all our activities from the very first moment and by everyone, in order to achieve our overall objectives as planned.

Service is at the heart of GOMETEGUI’s very being.

Besides being an important principle, it is the best way to secure a higher level of competitiveness in our area of activity.

  • For society, it takes the form of a service that is useful for the generation of employment and a respect for the environment.
  • For our clients, it means having a supplier that offers a service to their entire satisfaction.
  • For the people who work at GOMETEGUI, it means a place where they can develop ethically, individually and professionally, with a respect for the environment and without the risks deriving from a lack of safety.
  • For our suppliers, GOMETEGUI represents an opportunity for continuous improvement in the development of their business.

The main instruments are the actions we take to bring about improvements, recognition of the work of people in accordance with the value they contribute, and transparency in management.

With regard to the environment and safety, service is based on:

  • ethical management
  • continuous improvement in safety awareness
  • and the prevention of contamination,

showing our commitment to society by complying with legal requirements and applicable standards.

The concept of Excellence is a basic, strategic aspect for the competitiveness, profitability, survival and development of our organisation: Its basic objectives.

Based on these premises, GOMETEGUI represents an expansive and future oriented project. This is the undertaking and horizon of the people who work at GOMETEGUI.

This is our undertaking!


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