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La factoría de Gometegui en Llodio es una instalación de fabricación integral

Gometegui’s Llodio facility is an Integrated Manufacturing Plant.

This means that our company is capable of carrying out all the manufacturing processes (welding, handling, inspection and quality control, finishes, etc.) required to deliver the completely finished part or equipment to our customers in accordance with specifications and agreed delivery deadlines.

As can be seen in our Installations and Capacities section, Gometegui has all the technical means required to undertake the manufacture of very large and heavy equipment and parts, and the equipment and know how to perform than most complex and delicate processes.

And for those exceptional cases in which the specifications exceed our in-house capabilities, Gometegui has the support of the entire industrial fabric of the Basque Country, an area with a long industrial tradition comparable to the Ruhr basin, the Silesia region or northern Italy.

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