Production facilities and capacities

Distribuidor de turbina realizado en Gometegui

One of the best production facilities

on the European Atlantic Axis

GOMETEGUI has one of the best manufacturing facilities for the production of large size, highly complex capital goods along the entire European Atlantic axis.

Thanks to the experience and know-how GOMETEGUI has acquired throughout its history, the company is capable of satisfying the demands of its clients, allowing them to bring all their projects to a successful conclusion.

  • GOMETEGUI’s experience in the manufacture of high quality parts for capital goods spans a period of more than 35 years.
  • High-quality equipment and highly qualified personnel.
  • Project management.
  • ISO 9001, 14001 and 18000.
  • Multi market experience.
  • Culture of continuous improvement.

In order to secure success at the first attempt and in each case, GOMETEGUI puts into play not only each of the above factors but also a combination of these.

Production facilities and capacities:

GOMETEGUI’s production facility in Laudio-Llodio includes four fully-equipped industrial buildings, with more than 10,000 m2 of covered working space, and the following work capacities:

  • Lifting capacity for up to 200 tonnes with the possibility of performing complex operations such as turning large size parts, etc.
  • CNC machining up to 16 x 5.5 m.
  • Vertical CNC machining up to 12 x 6.5 m. -120 Tn.
  • Shot-blasting and painting cabins equipped with dollies.
  • Sand-blasting and paint gun installations equipped with crane and forklift truck.
  • Gas furnace for preheating and stress removal with automatic time and temperature graphics.


1. Oxy-fuel cutting of steel plate

Maximum size300 mm400 mm

2. Plate Roller

Maximum size50 mm320 mm
Ø minimum200 mm.200 mm.
Maximum width 3 m.3.5 m.

3. Welding equipment

Manual:30 semiautomatic
Submerged arc:3

4. Heat-treatment

Width x height x length8100x3600x14000
Maximum temperature900ºC

5. Horizontal lathe

Ø Maximum240016001000720
Maximum height:10000700040002000
Maximum weight:40 Tm---

6. Vertical lathe

Ø maximum120004000
Maximum height:65002650
Maximum weight:125 Tm30 Tm

7. Milling machine/Horizontal boring machine

Rotary table dimensions:4400x4400 mm4000x3600 mm.4000x3600 mm.1800x2500 mm.
Longitudinal travel12 m16 m14 m4 m
The table can withstand a weight of120 Tn80 Tm60 Tn20 Tn
Elevation range5,5 m4,2 m4.5 m3 m

8. Surface treatment

Building 3 cabinBuilding 2 cabin
Cleaning area:--
Shot-blasting cabin (width x height x length):8x6x14 m6x5x14 m
Painting cabin:8x6x14 m6x5x14 m

9. Maximum lifting capacity

200 Tn120 Tn30 Tn30 Tn

10. Experience and Certifications

ISO 9001: 2008* AENOR: Registration number ER 0323/1995
* IQNET: Registration number ES 0323/1995
ISO 14001YES
Welding proceduresASME+EN15614
International Welding Engineer (IWE/EWE)In-house => 2 engineers
In-house => 3 level 2 operatorsExternal
END: Radiography
Production planYES
Leak testYES
Load testYES


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