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Gometegui Industrial, a specialist in the integral manufacture of large components for heavy industry, from steel to mechanically-welded carbon, offers solutions of excellence to leading companies in the renewable energy sector. Within the scope of its ‘Lean Manufacturing’ initiative in 2019, and in order to have a tool that allows it to strike a balance between optimisation of manufacturing resources and customer satisfaction, Gometegui Industrial has chosen ABAS ERP, the complete German software 100% dedicated to the industrial sector.

The reasons for selecting the new ERP arose with the constant changes of the last 3 years. At the beginning of 2019, the company started with a new operational management model. Following one of its strategic axes, it decided to operate with an operational system based on the principles of ‘Lean Manufacturing’. By continuously measuring and monitoring production parameters, ERP systems can play a key role in facilitating the implementation of lean manufacturing. A key approach to this is to redesign workflows to follow an efficient strategy during the implementation of abas ERP.

In addition, they increased their production levels due to global energy policies. During 2021 they doubled the workforce from 50 to 100 employees and at the beginning of 2022 they had an investment of € 6-7 M for the modernisation of the company digitally and in the future they will invest € 6-7 M for the modernisation of the company digitally. So they decided to contact a software provider that would fit their production needs.

“Due to our exponential growth, Gometegui Industrial has decided to trust ABAS Ibérica to help us develop our services in the sustainable energy sector such as wind energy”, explains Marian María, Sales Manager of Gometegui Industrial.

One of the immediate digital goals: in search of the unique data

Gometegui Industrial previously had an obsolete ERP, which was not compatible with the new operating systems and the departmental integration that the company needed after its accelerated growth. ABAS ERP has a native industrial solution that works from the start of the implementation, as it is a system dedicated to manufacturing processes.

One of the company’s important requirements when contracting management software was that it should have experience in the industrial energy sector in order to have not only a software, but also a technological partner. This means, among other things, having a management system capable of linking all the company’s departments together, from order taking to product delivery, without double entry.

“Following the implementation of ABAS ERP, the main objectives have been to abandon all databases and spreadsheets external to the ERP to manage everything, i.e. all Gometegui Industrial operations, via ABAS. We will work together to achieve single data control,” adds Marian María.

Manage and integrate projects in the renewable energy sector.

The previous ERP had shortcomings in the area of departmental integration, creating isolated divisions that worked without connection. Gometegui’s main problems were the lack of planning and control of production processes, which prevented them from meeting corporate requirements.

ABAS ERP’s Project Management and Advanced Planning modules allow you to plan and adjust your processes according to your projects. It also provides them with real-time proactivity to adapt all their production processes and supplier deadlines by taking into account the energy sector’s constraints on supply, resources and stocks.

Thanks to these tools, initial costs can be estimated and final actual costs can be calculated. It is possible to compare the expected costs and margins with the real ones at any time and, in this way, take measures, if necessary, or even modify processes. All this, with fluid communication in real time between all departments of the company.

“A comprehensive ERP such as abas ERP allows the Gometegui Industrial teams to quickly find out the status of the order book, when previously the sales department took hours. Now the response time is just one click away”, comments Alberto Martín, Sales Director of ABAS Ibérica.

A financial partner to optimise your investment in the digitisation project

After starting the ERP selection process, ABAS Ibérica contacted one of its technology project financing partners, so that Gometegui could benefit from financial assistance and choose the right technology solution for its industrial problems. This allowed Gometegui to finance all the modules it needed and not resort to a cheaper solution that did not cover its needs 100%. Specifically, it would allow them to recover their own funds to carry out R&D&I projects, working on the calculation of taxes and tax deductions to recover part of the investments they have already made in the past.

In the pursuit of excellence, ABAS Ibérica has a network of competent partner networks in financing, consulting, automation and digitalisation. With a wide range of technology and application know-how and extensive experience, the software company is ready to provide the best support for its customers.

“ABAS Ibérica works with national and international partners in the industrial and digital sector. It has been working with consultancies for more than 40 years in a joint and transparent manner to provide innovation and digitalisation services to industrial companies on the national scene,” concludes Alberto Martín.

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