Experts in the

comprehensive manufacture

of large components for

heavy industry


Manufacture of large mechanically-welded components in carbon steel and alloys for the capital goods sector.

We seek to satisfy the most complex technological requirements in manufacturing processes.


To position ourselves as an excellent manufacturer in the sector. Our strategic aims are as follows:

  • To obtain Total Quality with a Culture of Excellence as a mark of our own identity.
  • Develop technologies and know-how about the processes used in manufacture and the functionality of the equipment to be built.
  • Growth in order to reach a higher specific weight in the sector.
  • Positioning as the technological manufacturing partner of our clients.
  • Increase in internationalisation.
    • Service.
    • Desire to improve.
    • Commitment, reliability.
    • Dedication to our clients’ success.
    • The value of experience.

    Among these values, the most important one is service. We are determined to serve in two ways: a) be capable of responding in a satisfactory, competitive and efficient manner to the needs of our clients; and b) to develop a vocation and culture of service for different interest groups (customer orientation, our staff, society and the environment).


    At GOMETEGUI we define Excellence as:

    The ethical performance of all our activities from the very first moment and by everyone, in order to achieve our overall objectives as planned.

    Service is at the heart of GOMETEGUI’s very being.

    Besides being an important principle, it is the best way to secure a higher level of competitiveness in our area of activity.

    • For society, it takes the form of a service that is useful for the generation of employment and a respect for the environment.
    • For our clients, it means having a supplier that offers a service to their entire satisfaction.
    • For the people who work at GOMETEGUI, it means a place where they can develop ethically, individually and professionally, with a respect for the environment and without the risks deriving from a lack of safety.
    • For our suppliers, GOMETEGUI represents an opportunity for continuous improvement in the development of their business.

    The main instruments are the actions we take to bring about improvements, recognition of the work of people in accordance with the value they contribute, and transparency in management.

    With regard to the environment and safety, service is based on:

    • ethical management
    • continuous improvement in safety awareness
    • and the prevention of contamination,

    showing our commitment to society by complying with legal requirements and applicable standards.

    The concept of Excellence is a basic, strategic aspect for the competitiveness, profitability, survival and development of our organisation: Its basic objectives.

    Based on these premises, GOMETEGUI represents an expansive and future oriented project. This is the undertaking and horizon of the people who work at GOMETEGUI.


    This is our undertaking!


    What we at Gometegui understand by ethics

    We define ethics as the belief and individual/collective practice of principles such as trust, honesty, honour, professionalism, responsibility, etc., in order to comply with our CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. That social responsibility involves a form of behaviour on the part of GOMETEGUI that attends to the needs and expectations of all interest groups that the company deals with in accordance with ethical criteria: people, clients, suppliers and society.

    The Ethics concept is a basic tool for the competitiveness, profitability and future development of GOMETEGUI, based on the creation and application of an ethical System of Excellence as an overall management model to achieve its Strategic Objectives and in accordance with the Policy of the System.

    The Management Team accepts that it is our duty to provide leadership in the implementation of an ethical conduct that favours the exercise of our corporate social responsibility, to ensure compliance with an obligation that affects everyone who works in GOMETEGUI, in accordance with current legislation and by humanising our relationship with all interest groups.

    In accordance with these principles, we accept the responsibility of creating, implementing and maintaining at all levels in GOMETEGUI a culture and practice of Ethical Management, and declare publicly the following commitments:

      • to be faithful to the “Ethical principles of social corporate responsibility”
      • convey and ensure an understanding of the Policy of Ethical Management; control the ethical compliance of strategic objectives
      • ensure the availability of the necessary resources for the ethical operation of the Excellence System
      • work on the continuous improvement of the Excellence System and its results
      • review the Excellence System periodically to ensure its continuous adaptation.

    At GOMETEGUI we are aware that our main assets are know-how and experience. And both attributes lie in people.

    In accordance with our Integrated policy, the Human Resources policy of Gometegui is oriented towards the following goals:

    • to obtain a highly qualified and motivated workforce
    • with initiative
    • identified with the business project
    • focused on our customer service

    For those of us who work at Gometegui, the company is a place that both permits and strengthens our ethical, professional and personal development. The company is therefore responsible for ensuring that people are given recognition for the value they contribute, as well as for generating programmes of training and continuous improvement that promote people’s growth.

    If you believe that due to your training and experience you could join Gometegui’s staff, please visit our Employment section and send us an application. We will be pleased to give you our appraisal.

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    Experts in the comprehensive manufacture of large components for heavy industry

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