“Gometegui is a commitment to quality and an exemplary management”

Arantxa Tapia, Basque Government Development Councelor

  • The Baske Goverment Development councelor visits our facilities in Llodio-Laudio on 17th of May

  • She stands out the company commitmento to the region of Ayala and its difersification strategy

The Basque Goverment Councelor for Economic Developement, Sustainability and Environement, Arantxa Tapia visited Gometegui facilities in Llodio last 17th of May. She came together with the Vice-Councelor for Industry, Javier Zarraonandia, and the Director for Industry and Energetic Transition, Mikel Amundarain.

They have been welcome by the CEO, Diego Sánchez Moreno, and the Managing Director, Jesús González Delgado.

 After the meeting and the facilities visit, Arantxa Tapia stood out Gometegui´s commitment to quality and its exemplary management. She also highlighted the company´s good performance at attracting international clients, and its commitment to the region of Ayala, where its activity contributes to the employment and wealth in the area.

The Managing Director, Jesús González Delgado, stated that after a difficult 2020 year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, “Not only have we gone ahead with the activity, without resorting to the drastic meassures, but we have also drawn up ten new indefinite employment contracts, 28 temporary ones and we have hired the services of local suppliers in the Ayala region. It all was worth over three million euros.



The CEO, Diego Sánchez, has also stated the company´s commitment to the growth with the collaboration of all the staff to turn Gometegui Industrial into an international landmark in the heavy metal components manufacturing and renewable energies at international scope.

Gometegui Industrial is today a company specialized in the manufacture of large metal components for heavy industry and renewable energies. In Llodio´s facilities, each component is a turn-key project, the manufacturing process involves; boiler making, welding, machining, heat treatments, non-destructive tests, painting, among others.

There are 4 workshops that suppose more than 10,000 m2 of covered work surface.

The workshops are equipped with cranes with a lifting capacity up to 200 tons.


Strategic Plan

The company was founded more than 40 years ago and became a benchmark in the sector. In October 2018 it was awarded to a new property after a period of bankruptcy. The new management team has faced the challenge of continuing with the activity and launching an ambitious strategic growth plan based on the diversification of markets and operational excellence.

The effort made has managed to catch the attention of large international clients within the wind, hydroelectric and mining sectors, which allow the company to face a period of growth and expansion in the coming years.

To meet the expected demand, the company is considering a significant investment in new facilities as well as hiring employees over the coming years.

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