About us

thinking big

We are a high-performance industrial corporation. We manufacture large components for sectors such as wind power, naval construction, nuclear, "Big Science", hydraulic power and iron and steel, among others.

Our company has a solid track record of more than 45 years.

It began as a boilermaking workshop focused on meeting the needs of the steel industry in the Basque Country. Since then, we have achieved important growth milestones, such as the expansion of our facilities, the internationalisation of our operations, the obtaining of certifications and the incorporation of new technologies.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation has led us to diversify our production, specialising in the manufacture of large industrial components for different sectors.

At Gometegui, our mission is to be a company that provides value for all the people involved in our activity, promoting the economic and social development of the community and the industrial sectors we serve.

Continuous improvement

We apply lean methodologies to optimise our processes and ensure continuous improvement in productivity.

We seek to eliminate waste, reduce lead times and maximise efficiency at every stage of manufacturing. This mentality allows us to be more agile and competitive and to take on new challenges in emerging sectors.

Passion for our work

Passion has been the central axis that has marked the development of the company.

In difficult times, it has been the commitment of our team that has managed to move projects forward. Maintaining this passion is our driving force to achieve our objectives and drives us to surpass ourselves every day and to face any challenge with enthusiasm and dedication.


Throughout our history, perseverance has been a hallmark that we want to maintain as a basic principle for the future.

Never giving up in the face of adversity has given us a capacity for evolution and resilience that gives us a significant competitive advantage over other companies in the sector.


A company with integrity is a more competitive company.

From the point of view of business ethics, transparency in our processes, Corporate Social Responsibility and the behaviour of our employees, integrity is the pillar that sustains the trust of our entire environment.


We are an independent, family-owned business, and we are committed to ensuring that all those who have contributed to the development of the company over its 45+ years of existence can leave it to future generations in an even better state than they found it.

Our focus on sustainability drives us to innovate, to seek eco-friendly solutions and to maintain a long-term vision that ensures viability and success for generations to come.


With our clients

We focus on finding technologies and processes that can be adapted to the needs of our clients' projects.

We respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of potential customers and provide them with valuable solutions.

We strengthen customer relationships based on trust, accountability and constant communication.

We work with a long-term vision and with the aim of establishing long-term partnerships.


With our team

We value and care for each member of our team, fostering a respectful, inclusive and motivating work environment.

We invest in the training and professional development of our staff to enable them to reach their full potential.

We recognise and reward effort and commitment, encouraging a sense of belonging and pride in being part of our company.


With society and new generations

We work with passion and perseverance, aware that this is the path to lasting success and the key to future generations inheriting a better world than the one we found.

We want to leave a positive legacy for future generations by managing our resources responsibly and protecting the environment in which we operate.

We strive to set a positive example in our industry and in society, promoting ethical values and fostering equal opportunities.