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Heavy boilermaking

With decades of experience and an unwavering commitment to quality and precision, our heavy boilermaking is the cornerstone of projects that drive sectors such as energy, shipbuilding and hydraulics.

Our team of engineers ensures that every part that leaves our facility is the result of a unique combination of experience and cutting-edge technology.

We stand out for handling components that exceed 200 tonnes and for working with the thickest thicknesses in the industry.

We use advanced techniques such as oxy-fuel cutting and bending rolls to guarantee precision and quality in each project.


Our team of highly trained welders with extensive experience performs all types of welding, however complex they may be.

We have approved processes in SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, TIG and SAW welding.

We guarantee quality and precision in every project, backed by ASME, AWS, EN ISO, ISO3834 and UNE EN1090 standards.

With a technological infrastructure that includes MIG/MAG machines, submerged arc trolleys, positioners and tackers.

Large dimension machining

We have a machine park capable of machining parts up to 6 metres high, 12.5 metres in diameter and 125 tons in weight.

Our infrastructure includes vertical lathes, horizontal lathes and boring machines of leading brands for machining components of different dimensions.


We ensure the final quality of the part by carrying out the heat treatments in our facilities. With scalable payload dimensions, we have the capacity to deal with large-scale structures.

The maximum temperature of 900°C of our furnace guarantees the precise execution of the most demanding heat treatments.

Surface treatments

We are committed to ensuring optimum surface finishes on all the components we treat.

We achieve this goal with our state-of-the-art blast and paint booths. Each booth is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and has its own conveyor trolleys, ensuring an efficient and accurate process.

International standards with which we comply:

ISO 12944, ISO 8501, ISO 11124, ISO 11126, ISO 11127, ISO 8502, ISO 8504, ISO 2409, ISO 2808, etc.


ASTM D4940, ASTM D4417, ASTM D4541, ASTM D7091, ASTM D5162, etc.


DIN 2403

GB/T 9286-1998

Quality assurance

At Gometegui we implement a comprehensive set of procedures to ensure exceptional results.

From dimensional controls with laser tracker to rigorous welding controls. We work with certified laboratories for destructive testing and carry out thorough checks on the painting process. We issue quality certificates to back up our processes and results.

We guarantee the quality of our components with:

We carry out dimensional checks on parts both in process and in their final state.

Our welding checks ensure solid and reliable joints.

Non-destructive testing, such as visual inspection, magnetic particle, X-ray and liquid penetrant testing, is used to identify imperfections.

We work with external ENAC-certified laboratories to carry out destructive testing.

Our paint checks range from checking for dust, salts and roughness to measuring thicknesses in the different layers, complemented by detailed visual inspections.

We issue all the necessary quality certificates to back up our processes and results.


Gometegui is in a privileged location on the Atlantic axis, from where it can deliver components to any part of the world.

The facilities allow access for the transport of large dimensions, and our proximity to the port of Bilbao facilitates the delivery process.

Our experience and network of collaborators enable us to manage deliveries and deliver components wherever they are needed.